WEG’s history, the culture of Jaraguá do Sul and the wonders of science and technology gathered in one single place. An interactive space for emotion, reflection and citizenship.

At the WEG Museum you will be able to learn about the processes of energy generation and their daily use. Understanding phenomena and how our society takes ownership of them will help you grasp how complex the processes involved in the simple act of lighting a bulb are.

WEG is part of the electric energy history in Brazil and the world. Electricity is the basis of all the processes and solutions of the company, which is now world-renowned as a manufacturer of motors, generators and transformers.

Connecting these stories, preserving the memory and offering an interactive and social inclusive space, were the greatest challenges of the project. With access to wheelchair users, elevator, tactile ground and a tactile model, the WEG Museum of Science and Technology is a reference in accessibility and has become the ideal place for emotion, reflection and citizenship.

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